Make Better Storyboards with Storyboarder

Storyboarder from Wonder Unit is my new favorite pre-production software.  I can now quickly generate professional looking storyboards in minutes.  Oh, did I mention it's 100% free and open sourced?

(Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Wonder Unit.  I just happened upon the software and thought I'd share!)

The interface is clean and intuitive.  

Storyboarder Interface

My favorite feature is the shot generator.  Simply describe your shot and you'll be presented with multiple options.  The generated images are a big improvement on my usual stick figures.  If you have some artistic chops you can sketch your own scenes using the robust tool set provided.  

Storyboarder Image Generator

The crowd pleaser is no doubt the ability to roundtrip with Photoshop.  Think of it as a Adobe Dynamic Link Light.  Granted, text layers and blend modes aren't translated unless you rasterize the layers but it's an incredibly powerful addition to a really slick piece of software.

Storyboarder Adobe Photoshop Integration

Export PDFs of your storyboards dictating custom image size and column numbers.

Storyboarder Storyboard Sample

There's even an option to export an animated Gif, complete with custom shot timings.  This is perfect for that client/boss who "just needs to see it".  

Lunch Bros.gif

I've used this software on my last two pitches and received rave reviews.  If you're looking for a better way to storyboard give it a try.  I hope it helps you too.

#InternationalCoffeeDay - I got you

In honor of #InternationalCoffeeDay I present a video I made earlier this year. If you're into international supply chains, THIS IS YOUR JAM! (Also, we probably won't ever hang out) 


Big coffee companies in the United States need coffee beans, and small coffee farmers around the world need a sustainable market for their product. These mutual interests prompted the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to unite U.S. coffee companies directly with coffee farmers around the world.

YALI Voices Podcast Creators Honored

What an honor to be recognized for creating the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Voices podcast series.  The series hosts conversations with emerging young African leaders as they shape the future of the African continent.  Find it on iTunes, Google Play, and SoundCloud, or at

Cape Town, South Africa (work trips aren't all bad)

It was an honor to be asked to teach video editing and podcasting at the Energy 21 Tech Camp and U.S. Consulate in Cape Town, South Africa.  The incredibly productive conference, warm hospitality, and unbelievable sites more than made up for the lengthy trip.  




Secretary Kerry's Final Diplomatic Mission

To honor Secretary Kerry's final diplomatic mission as Secretary of State I cut a quick video that was released through the Department of State's social media properties throughout the world.

It's been a pleasure to work with Secretary Kerry over the last couple of years.  He's a consummate professional and someone I truly respect.  Secretary, thank you for your service.

Context: On January 14, 2017, during the Secretary's final trip abroad, he traveled to the Bay Hap River in Vietnam to further environmental and reconciliation efforts.  The region is personally significant to the Secretary as it's the exact location he served as a Naval officer during the Vietnam War nearly 50 years ago.

Young African Leaders Video Shoot to Support Human Rights

I had a lot of fun directing an online Human Rights course for YALI this week.  Big thanks to Peter Sampson from the UN for playing professor and much love to my Department of State coworkers for spending a Sunday in our basement studio.  

Left to Right: Caroline Duncan, Teleprompter;  Cheryl Jones, Writer; Matt Genebach, DP; Peter Sampson, Talent; T.J. Imbrigiotta, Producer-Director; Terry Hunt, Audio+B-Cam


Last week it was announced that my second favorite internet thing was killing my favorite internet thing.  That's right, the alcoholic step dad of social media (Twitter) decided it could no longer tolerate it's popular child (Vine).  Many have lamented the significant social loss of the platform and attempted to frame it's cultural importance.  For me, it's simple.  Vine was one of the truly happy places on the internet.  A place where humor and genuine creativity prevailed.  Here are some of my favorites.    

Sesame Street Collaboration

I recently had an opportunity to participate in a State Department-Sesame Street collaboration in New York City during the United Nations General Assembly.  I produced, directed, and edited two PSAs featuring Deputy Secretary Tony Blinken and Grover in support of refugees.  The PSAs were shared on social media, translated to eight different languages, and distributed to U.S. embassies and posts around the world.  Thanks to a retweet and FB share by Joseph Gordon-Levitt the total view count is up to 170,000.   The entire project was a blast and I hope to work again with the great people at Sesame Street.  (video link & production stills below) 

Top 10 Messages to Write in Coworker's Birthday Card

Look, we've all been there.  You're presented a birthday card and told to quickly write a heartfelt message to Dorothy in accounting.  Here are some canned responses that are sure to be a hit:

1.  Get well soon.

2.  You did it!

3.  Fine, I'll sign it.

4.  It's nice that everyone remembered your birthday.  Mine was last week.

5.  You've always been like a coworker to me.

6.  Everyone has something to hide.

7.  Hate is a strong word.

8.  I appreciate you more than I had originally anticipated.

9.  Sorry about you cat.

10.  Justin Timberlake told me to give you this box. (HR = not a fan)

YALI Voices Podcast Series

Here's my latest creation at work: The Young African Leadership Initiative's first ever podcast.  Each week the series highlights the life story and accomplishments of an inspiring young leader.  Our first season will feature 15 episodes and we're already in pre-production on season two. 

Shenandoah National Park Visit

Here's a quick video from a long weekend at Shenandoah National Park in Southwest Virginia.  The video was made with a GoPro Hero 3 and my iPhone.  We stayed on Lewis Mountain in their cabins.  The trip was special for me because my family visited the park each summer while I was growing up.  This was the first time I made the trip with my wife, Adrienne.